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Peculiar Happening Is A Reminder From Your Inner Self

January 24, 2013 General

Unusual happening in your  life has a reason.  It maybe, you  miss something important that you forget it, but has a valuable role in maintaining your activity.  Sometimes, there is a scenario that only your inner spirit   see and that scenario  has a heavy impact to you influencing not only yourself, your loved ones, but  the entire community as well.  This peculiar event  is largely noticed also by anyone around you, that is why a startling question arises and both will begin to ponder and analyze what is the reason.

To sum up the analysis, you  find out that somebody  has done something  to your detriment affecting the entire living, and that somebody has to follow the command from somebody else.  Perhaps, that peculiar happening happens to  prevent you from negative event.

Occasionally, you are thankful to God that, that unexpected occurrence thwarts you to proceed to your destination knowing afterwards the fatal incident is along your way.

This is one way, you inner spirit works and reminds you for she/he foresee the eventuality.