Amber Pendant

You are very blessed in every aspect of your life, career, finance, and health except in your love life because the planet Venus in your Scorpio Sign is  in the house of Mars.  You have to experience various worries and burdens in your childhood like for example if your parents will leave you early and you have to carry self-responsibility or you are to live under the charge of another however,  you will outgrow them and will enjoy life especially in your career as an artist and will be successful like a celebrity.

You are so adorable and expect strong attraction from the opposite sex.    If you cannot control marrying early due to the influence of another party, your relationship will be rough, quarrelsome and may end to separation.  Marrying in your later years promises a fruitful, happy and successful togetherness.

FINANCE – Follow your instinct concerning money matters to attain riches.  Although you will live in bed of roses, still financial abundance is with you to enjoy.  Be on guard and save for old age.

HEALTH – You will have a healthy body, however take care of it to prevent heart disease in advanced years.

Your birth date influences you to become compassionate especially to your family and the people around you.  You love travels and be successful in your undertaking.  It strengthens the chances of having many romances, and it is a requirement to find a stable love for lifetime partnership.

Your full name makes you a leader, unique in ideas, concepts and can invent anything if you want.

You enjoy socializing and  the gift of   communication is yours.  You are the star in a gathering.

In your solitude, there is contentment.  When others are worried of outside happenings, you have the power to be at ease and analyze the situation and aid them to relaxation.  You are intelligent and this trait can be used in giving right decision when problem arises.

Your primary AURA is brown, secondary and fourth aura are red, and the third aura is yellow.  You may use these colors for your charms and protection.  AURA is light energy surrounding your body.

TURQUOISE is your lucky stone, or RUBY and GARNET.