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Life On Earth Is A Gift To Be Cherished

January 28, 2013 General , ,

beach dawnTwo people in love with each other dream a happy family  with their loving children.  While the wife begin to conceive, the couple starts to plan what to name to their loved child.  Friends voluntarily offer themselves to be  godparents.  The family circle from both sides are so much excited to the incoming new member of the family.

At the time of conception, everything is openly and heartily given whatever the would be mother wants.  Things necessarily and luxuriously needed by the baby are already prepared.

The day when the baby is born, joy and never ending happiness surround everybody especially the mother and the father.  Love, care and protection are bequeathed unconditionally to the newly born  baby.

The baby is nurtured of his childhood until he grown up to be a responsible man experiencing the beauty of life on earth, the goodness of fellow men, the knowledge, wisdom and understanding he acquired, all of these, bring him the delight living in this planet Earth.