The very moment you open your eyes in the morning is a blessing of another day of your life here on Earth.  You have to be grateful to God The Father that you witness again the beacon of LIGHT, the light that perceives the goodwill of mankind whom you mingle at any moment in  time, the light that is the conduit of viewing the magical radiance of Mother Nature, the light  that protects your physical being in form of AURA which is a light energy around your body, the light needed in time of troubled sanity and the light comforting you if you are emotionally in chaos.

You are ready for the routine or hectic activity of the day and the day ahead, oftentimes, expecting the unexpected and whether or not an ideal one, you still are thankful for the passing period.

In time of imbalance, there is always someone who is beside you soothing and sharing anything you shoulder.  In the absence of physical support, your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides remind you what is best for you through INTUITION.

There are infinite assistance to anyone, just give time to be alone, be on yourself,  meditate and  an idea you craved and needed will just pop up.