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The Goodness Of The Divine Grace

January 30, 2013 General , ,

by Zai

by Zai

DIVINE GRACE is so good and  often waits for you to invite Her in your life.  She is around at every moment of your existence.  Grace is always within us. All creations here on Earth living both in the inner or surface space enjoy Grace divinely granted by the Creator God. Grace is distinctly appreciated by the recipient depending on his exigency. Once he acquires the grace of necessity, he is so much thankful to God at the same time feeling the lightness of mind, body and soul. In this state of consciousness, everything around him is beauty, serenity, joy, lovable attitude which appeal to those who seen him and the smile on his eyes attracts another smile, a smile needed at this period of uncertainty.

Everything on Earth is Grace, all you have to do is to TRUST and have FAITH on Her.