Destiny number 2 to 1  –  you have an ideal combination as you have the perseverance in assisting the other who is in command and full of original ideas.

Destiny number 2 to 2  –   you share with each in all endeavor.  A  perfect marital combination which leads to a happy and harmonious union forever.

Destiny number 2 to 3  –   you should cooperate and trust the other in order to have a successful and sound relationship.

Destiny number 2 to 4  –   you support practically the determination of the other in building or planning  the best foundation  of your future life.

Destiny number 2 to 5  –   the other loves changes,  excitements and travels, whereas you want stability, although you enjoy too the influenced of the other.

Destiny number 2 to 6  –   both of you have a favorable combination in business and marriage.  You make the plan while the other decides and you assist whatever his decision.

Destiny number 2 to 7  –   the other is spiritually inclined and you contentedly accept his moodiness and silence.

Destiny number 2 to 8  –   a great partner when comes to financial blessings.   The other has the power to create financial abundance and you secure it for stability.

Destiny number 2 to 9  –   A complimentary combination for both of you support each other in your hearts desire.