Re: “Guides to Compatibility in Relationship” in the computation of the  Destiny number.

Destiny number 3 to 1  –   you have the charm and the other has the intelligence.  This is a very supreme combination that everything you both aspire will bring you success and enjoyment lifetime.

Destiny number 3 to 2  –   your high-spirited and outgoing personality are your asset in any deal while the other who is behind you keeps the deal calmly.

Destiny number 3 to 3  –   you both are attracted to each other.  You have the same likes and dislikes for you have identical characteristics, an ideal partnership.

Destiny number 3 to 4  –   you are a happy-go-lucky  one while the other is serious in life,  you have to adjust just to have a smooth affair.

Destiny number 3 to 5  –   a very compatible combination.  You are charming and people draw to you, the other one is outgoing, fond of traveling, you will be happy together.

Destiny number 3 to 6  –   your lively nature corresponds to the other loving nature.  You will live happily forever.

Destiny number 3 to 7  –   your compatibility arises in both of your creativity.  You will be successful if you put your artistic talents in use.

Destiny number 3 to 8  –   you must pay attention to the other one who has the vibration of fame, power, and fortune in order to experience the luxurious lifestyle that will enhance your in born charm and live life to the fullest happily.

Destiny number 3 to 9  –   you have the charm, however, the other one has the wisdom, intuition and logic, so abide him without hesitation.