What a gift! Humanity was generously granted
to use of the very thing that could be used
to acquire their Freedom.

Constancy + Violet Flame = Freedom for ALL.

Take a breath, feel where you would like to be Lighter,
and with all your heart,
give it all you’ve got! Together and aloud we decree:

“I Am the Violet Fire! I Am the Purity God desires!
Earth is the Violet Fire! Earth is the Purity God desires!
Humanity is the Violet Fire! Humanity is the Purity God desires!
Let there be Light (x3) Light, Light, Light!
And let that Light be Saint Germain’s New Era of Love,
Peace and Freedom manifesting Now!”

I Am Archangel Michael. I Am the Violet Fire! I Am the purity God desires!

(channeled by Christine Burk 1/1/2017)