Re: “Guides To Compatibility In Relationship” in computing the destiny number.

Destiny number 4 to 1  –   the other one has the intellect, ideas and techniques to any project of interest and you have the determination and endurance of working it to fruition so you have an advantageous partnership.

Destiny number 4 to 2  –   you have a smooth sailing relationship for you are helping each other in every way especially if you are married.

Destiny number 4 to 3  –   the other party is more knowledgeable than you are because of his talents and being outgoing.  He has the leadership ability while you have the achievable quality, so you have a matching combination, a surety in success in all you do.

Destiny number 4 to 4  –   an excellent combination.  Both will work solidly for the attainment of success, financial stability and happiness.

Destiny number 4 to 5  –   you have a stable principle but the other one is changeable in mind.  Adjustment is needed here in order to stay together.

Destiny number 4 to 6  –   cooperation and understanding is the basis of your success in every way.

Destiny number 4 to 7  –  you are practical while the other is highly intellectual.  He has the idea and you have the way to make it a reality.

Destiny number 4 to 8  –   a pleasurable partnership.  A very successful combination in business affairs.  Just support compassionately the other one.

Destiny number 4 to 9  –   the other one is talented and inventiveness, you are practical, so take advantage of his ideas plus your ideas and put them in action.