Re:  “Guides To Compatibility In Relationship” in computing the destiny number.

Destiny number 5 to 1  –   your plan is persistently changed whereas the other has a steady one.  At the moment his creativity of a venture flourishes, he is determined to put it in reality, so support him for your own welfare.

Destiny number 5 to 2  –   you are alive and carefree while the other one is spiritless.  You have to understand his personality in order to promote peace.

Destiny number 5 to 3  –   a perfect and balance combination.  You understand each other and will have a win-win relationship.  Happiness awaits for both of you.

Destiny number 5 to 4  –   here is an opposite combination.  You have an extrovert personality, a socialize one, while the other is introvert, a home loving one.  Accept him for what he is.

Destiny number 5 to 5  –   a workable combination.  You two are outgoing, want the company of others, like changes, therefore, to maintain the relationship, one must give way and trust each other.

Destiny number 5 to 6  –   you want beauty especially for yourself, the other one wants beauty in his surrounding.   You are cheerful and the other one is loving, so a happy companionship.

Destiny number 5 to 7  –   communication is your life, the other one is more on meditation.  Respect his silence for a better togetherness.

Destiny number 5 to 8  –   you must listen to the other one for he is full of wisdom.  His decision is final guided by understanding and logic.  You will benefit for it.

Destiny number 5 to 9  –   a rewarding combination.  Your agility is supported by his eagerness for your joy.  He can foresee the outcome whatever idea you confer to him.