Re: “Guides To Compatibility In Relationship” in computing the destiny number.

Destiny number 6 to 1  –   you love humanity while the other one loves creativity.   Support the others plan for it is good for your fellowmen.  A good combination.

Destiny number 6 to 2  –   you are sufficiently supplied not only in financial but also in material matters by God the Creator thru His given talents you harness and which your partner joyously cooperates.

Destiny number 6 to 3  –   a lasting combination.  Both lend ear to each other, assist each other, has similar goal in life and identical in principle.

Destiny number 6 to 4  –   the right of each of you is openly exercise.  You respect each others creativity and work for a harmonious association.

Destiny number 6 to 5  –   you have to acknowledge and accept that the other ones intelligence lead your relationship to uplift both your way of life to a more fruitful life.

Destiny number 6 to 6  –   both have the same personality.  There is a peaceful and amicable way of living, helping one another in business or in home activity.

Destiny number 6 to 7  –   you have to work hard to make your company going smooth.  You are an easy going type while the other one is sentimental and serious.

Destiny number 6 to 8  –   the other person is full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, so listen to his objective for you have so much to learn from him which will benefit you and surely you will like it.

Destiny number 6 to 9  –   this is the most firm and well-built combination for you both have the same desires, wants and goals in everything, in money, in love and relationship.