Anything made of iron or steel is prone to rust especially when it is wet.  Even a chromed plated thing attracts rust if it is moist.  Stainless steel combined with zinc alloy has the tendency to rust.

Life needs steel for use, protection as well as making money.  Houses, buildings, cars, especially heavy duty machinery  need  and are made of steel.  Accessories small or big are made of steel.  Cars and the likes which are necessity everyday by busy going people are made in steel, iron or chrome or stainless.

It is a must to check every part of anything made of steel depending of its usage to avoid unnecessary expenses or accident.

People exposed to this scenario, thought how this problem be minimized or totally ended.  An experiment started until such time a CREATION of MAGIC SOLUTION for rust took place.

RUST CONVERTER was then invented and is a common commodity in the market nowadays.  It takes second of your time to take rust in a thing you want to clean.  It is amazing!