Re: “Guides To Compatibility In Relationship” in computing the destiny number.

Destiny number 7 to 1  –   the other one has the power to create or invent any project for fulfillment and  you have an intuition how the project goes well,  an unexpected working combination.

Destiny number 7 to 2  –   a serene combination because both of you are introvert, want stillness and accept when the other wants solitude.  You two are interested in spiritual learning like occult and divination.  You understand each other attitude.

Destiny number 7 to 3  –   you appreciate the cheerfulness, gaiety and charming characteristics of the other although you are a quiet type of person compared to the other one.  Your comprehension of him leads your company in a better future.

Destiny number 7 to 4  –   an excellent and harmonious mental and physical combination.  You foresee the outcome of  your partners project and can add ideas for an imminent result of that project.

Destiny number 7 to 5  –   you have a stable mind while the other one has a changeable thought.  There is hardship in understanding between the two of you.

Destiny number 7 to 6  –   an incompatible combination.  You are a loner while the other one wants the company of the people around which you dislike.  Even if you try working to ease the relationship, there will be always the misunderstanding.

Destiny number 7 to 7  –   an absolute combination.  You have the same likes and dislikes, ideas and principle, you are both spiritual, artist, and believe in supernatural intelligence.  You both love books and researched information.

Destiny number 7 to 8  –   an idealistic meeting of mind and body.  You have a logical or reasonable concept and your partner has an organizational qualities.  Financially and materially, you will experience abundance of them throughout because of your combined wisdom and understanding.

Destiny number 7 to 9  –   mutually and mentally compatible.   Both of you are highly intelligent, patient, compassionate and spiritual.  The understanding of hidden knowledge appeals to both of you and there is the enjoyment of continuous studying in it.