Changes bring excitement in the area of work for the whole of your life.  Any job related to travel, chance, luck and diverse concept interest you and that surely will bring you success and satisfaction.

People around you misinterpret your solitude and aloofness most of the time for you want serenity as you contemplate and find understanding to the mystical and hidden consciousness of the spiritual world.

You have a dual personality, either weak or strong.  In your powerless state, you are vulnerable to be easily swayed by others by their own motives, however, if you are energetically inspired in life, no one can influenced your intuitive nature.

Financial gain and riches will come from you brain work and your own creativity.

In love, it is difficult for you to find your ideal one for you are perfectionist.  But, if you find someone who can understand and support your reserve nature, lucky you, happiness is in your way.

You are fortunate in having your full name.  It is complete which brings you balance in everything meaning you are a leader, a follower, a star of the group, the foundation, a witty communicator and traveler, a homebody, spiritual artist, materialistic and intelligent and the most loving and compassionate personality.

Shades of light green and pastel colors enhance your charm, calm you in the moment of stress and relieve you of uneasiness and worry.

You are mentally strong but physically weak, have very delicate skin and emotionally sensitive to your environment.  Fruits good for you are fruit juices, cucumber, mushroom, apples, grapes and lettuce.

Blue is your primary color for overall success, violet or purple for daily success, yellow if you want your hearts desire and goal to fulfill and realize.

Jade and amethyst are your lucky gemstones.