Re: “Guides To Compatibility In Relationship” in computing the destiny number.

Destiny number 8 to 1  –   Both of you are talented and creative, have each own ideas, and both can live without the assistance of the other.  There is difficulty in this combination unless either one of you set aside ones ego and cooperate.  Cooperation and understanding will make this partnership a great success.

Destiny number 8 to 2  –   you reign in this relationship for you have the power in creating financial abundance and the other one is cordially  coordinating with your plan, of course you have to give respect to his own thought too.

Destiny number 8 to 3 –   a comfortable combination.  Both  shares whatever endeavor they have may it be for merriment, socializing, business or personal.  You may live happy for life.

Destiny number 8 to 4  –   a superior combination.  You have the knowledge for grand  ideas in your mind while the other has the power to build that ideas.

Destiny number 8 to 5  –   the fickle mindedness of the other irritate you.  There will be constant misunderstanding in this partnership and its hard to handle.

Destiny number 8 to 6  –   the generosity and love of humanity of the other one are contrary to your interest of accumulating material wealth.  You are a serious and silent type while the other is accommodating to the needs of his surrounding.

Destiny number 8 to 7  –   you are keen and ready when a certain idea registers in your point of view but your partner is holding back to your idea because of his contemplative nature, however it is to your advantage for he has the power to see the outcome of it.  Consider his side and you will have a great relationship.

Destiny number 8 to 8  –   an excellent combination if both will have a give and take attitude toward each other.  You have both the skills and the  capability to be head of an organization or huge corporation.  If, however, no one will give way, your relationship will suffer to the end.

Destiny number 8 to 9  –   a successful combination.  Both are talented, with managerial abilities and have the tendency surely to surge the peak of victory in every endeavor and fulfill the realization to joy, happiness and satisfaction.