Re: “Guides To Compatibility In Relationship” in computing the destiny number.

Destiny number 9 to 1  –   a realistic compatibility.  You are both intelligent, creative and inventive.  You will enjoy doing your plan and make it a useful thing to the delight of the users. Happiness is in your way.

Destiny number 9 to2  –   the cooperative nature of the other party for all your undertakings reward you a pleasant feeling of contentment.  Your heart and mind are for the people around you which is supported by the other.

Destiny number 9 to3  –   as your time is dedicated to a new project, your partner is busy in his socializing.  He is a carefree person not minding of the future while you are serious in making your life a bountiful one through your inventions.

Destiny number 9 to 4  –   the product of your imagination for a certain concept is built by the other.  It is a combining force, mental and physical energy forming a great product as well as lightness of emotional condition for the absence of hindrance in thought and feeling.

Destiny number 9 to 5  –   a compatible combination.  Both are excited and eager to fulfill what come first in your mind.  You are both knowledgeable in every facet of life because of your inclination in communication and love of books and other research materials.  Happy long life relationship.

Destiny number 9 to 6  –   a wise partnership for you are helping each other without the appeal of each of you.  There is always harmony and understanding in this couple.

Destiny number 9 to 7  –   a mystical combination for both of you are fond of spiritual, unknown and unseen universes, and believe in extraordinary phenomenon.  You have similar wants and hearts desire, so live happily ever after.

Destiny number 9 to 8 –   your ideas are realized by the other.  You offer him bright concepts and he acts in them to make them  profitable and give both of you  luxury for living.

Destiny number 9 to 9  –   absolutely compatible.  The two of you are compared to TWIN FLAME, always together or inseparable, alike in everything specifically in occult and hidden consciousness.