Your First Name offers you an executive ability, a way to enjoy material abundance, you crave for all kind of beautiful things you see, you aspire for grandeur and luxury; your Middle Name rewards you intuition and understanding and your Family Name makes you a traveler, a witty conversationalist, it brings luck, chance and changes.  The wisdom emanates from your Full Name is the wisdom of spirituality, humanitarianism, and prophecy.  You are loaded of ideas precisely about higher learning and consciousness.

Your hearts desire is most likely be realized and that is for being artistic, maybe in art, song, dance or writing.  Your hidden personality wherein your closed family only can visualized is this – you can be rely on, a shoulder to cry on, can live alone especially in the company of sweet music.  You are fair and just, a foundation and a pillar of strength by anyone who needs it.  What you sow, you reap, however, you got the power of abundance, so it is balanced.  Your goal is to reach the summit of your ambition and because it is inherent from your name and birth date, definitely, you will succeed.

Love and romance is the center of your life.  You may have two loves at the same duration, either to married one or to someone not of your status in your early ages, but there is reversal of circumstances as you age and can have a happy married life.  There will be time you have to choose what way of life to abide, be with your family and follow their way or to wander around the world and savor the excitement it will bring.

Animals appeal to you like horses but dogs are your favorite.  They lighten your feeling physically and emotionally, they are your good companions.

FINANCE – you are lucky to have inheritance and assistance from family or friends.  You will also earn riches from your own talents and investments.

HEALTH – you have a healthy body as long as you care for it.  Take care of your breast.  Apples, peaches, almonds, beans and spinach are good for you.

COLOR – lucky color are all shades of blue.

GEMSTONES  –  turquoise, diamonds and pearls.

Silver with amethyst will bring you daily and overall success.