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My Beloved Collie Sanchai

July 18, 2012 Poems , , ,


The first time I saw you,
the day you are handed to me;
I was stunned and amazed
by your captivating beauty;

Your thick, fluffy fur so white,
imagining the snow alike;
You are very cute little one,
you’ll give happiness to everyone.

Your eyes are like a goddess,
your ways as if a princess;
You are God’s gift to us,
bringing joy to last.

For many years, we were together
you guarded me and deserted never;
When I was sick, you checked me upstairs,
then slowly and silently went down again.

You helped me in my store,
you wait for me when I was outdoor;
You were our living doorbell,
All my kids cherished you so well.

One time you were sick,
sickness that almost got your life,
I saw in you the will to survive
bringing you to clinic made you alive.

The second time of your ailment,
at least I had the knowledge;
Your recovery was in just short moment
and your agility came back again.

You were always by my side,
around, anytime even at night;
My foods were your foods,
giving you with much delight.

One early morning I heard noise outside
I saw a man on top the truck spying;
You followed me to the gate
and sat by the door ’till sunrise.

Never in my thought that was your last guarding
for several days of your suffering;
You showed strength even in pain;
you still actively giggling.

You barked, barked continuously,
calling the attention of everyone,
We all sat in your front emphatically,
you gazed at us happily but suddenly, you were gone.