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Diabetes – Be Cured By Herbs

February 16, 2013 General , ,

by bitter-gourd org

by bitter-gourd org

Mother Nature creates countless kinds of trees, plants and herbs which can be found worldwide.  These creations are necessary for man to live.  Each kind has its usage and it provides multivitamins and minerals needed by man to supply all parts of the body to maintain wellness physically and emotionally.  The absence, over or shortage of any element in the body causes ailment.
Sickness such as diabetes which is a common disease can be helped cure  by using traditional medicines or natural herbs.
1.  Cashew Apple (kasoy)
Boil the skin of a cashew apple for 15 to 30 minutes and allow it to cool.  Be sure that it is covered while cooling. Strain the boiled cashew skin before drinking it.
2.  Catharanthusroseum (tsitsirika)
Boil the leaves and drink it.
3.  Bitter Gourd (ampalaya)_
Fruits and leaves are eaten.
4.  Lagerstroemia Speciosa (banaba plant)
Place the cleaned leaves to the boiling water and use it for drink.
5.  Ipomoea Batatas (talbos ng kamote)
Eat the half-boiled leaves.
6.  Syzygium Cumini (duhat)
The fruits and leaves are good for diabetes.
Drinking coffee must be avoided while taking herbal medicines.