by www.thegardeningwebsite

by www.thegardeningwebsite

Grasses are natures treasure for mankind.  Many of its kind are useful to peoples livelihood, for houses, ornaments and raw materials.

The smallest or the shortest types are either special or ordinary.  Bermuda grass is one of the special grass seen commonly in public vicinity and in wealthy villages.  It is always part of the landscape in the garden surrounding the huge house and  the swimming pool.  Ordinary grass grows anywhere, in the open field, even in a narrow pathway as long as there is land space.

Most people do not see the importance of the grass because it is a familiar scenery everywhere especially in an uninhabited places, suburbs, provinces and remote areas.  But for the humankind who is a lover of nature, the smallest thing around him attracts his attention and observes meticulously what, how and why it exists.

Grass seals the loose sand, binds the mud by its tiny roots, stabilizes the stones in places and cleanse anything that drops over it and even in your feet.  In a curvy and level area, grass helps withstand the sand from the flowing rainwater and maintain the stillness of the sand on the road.  So amazing! How a small creation of God grows in mass protects the land for humanity.  The strength of the roots of the small grasses take care the land erosion aside from its beautiful green scenery that relaxes your temperance and have the feeling of satisfaction from the fresh air you breath.