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Be grateful for the opportunity of meeting someone whom you develop closeness in your first encounter. Your soul might be his mate he is seeking throughout his journey in this lifetime. He could be a best friend you long to have. It randomly happens not planned.

Happiness Only Love Could Bring

November 17, 2017 Poems , , , , , ,

I’ll try to forget you,
try to release your memories,
try to numb the feeling for you
till it fades if it could be.

Image of yours pops up often
even in a busy moment,
heart beats vigorously
seems falling in love again.

By the way, it is up to me
whether or not to release it
to be free from agony
or to continue the heavy feeling.

Well, its nice to be in love
although it is stressful
at least you experience the happiness
that only love could bring.