Debt cannot be avoided by anyone who is lack in life.  However, debt exists too to the employed, to the rich and the famous by way of credit cards nowadays.  Even to the small and big companies, debt is common as well.   Nations belong to third countries need the support of wealthy countries and due to this situation, a world organization for lending is born.

Opening credit term in a business is risky, but it is a scheme to attract more customers.  The more leeway is given, the more risk is potential for collection.  Oftentimes, the debtor fails in payment due to unavoidable circumstances not intended, although he wishes to settle his obligation, he has to give priority to the pressing necessity, thus failure of payment arises.

Collection of debt has different ways, and if all means are  ineffective, the tendency is to write off and let God does its fate.

In this GOLDEN AGE of Mother Earth, a plan or program for debt forgiveness is underway.  The purpose  is to start anew a life of ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY, AND NEVER ENDING SUPPLY for all mankind.  This will be gradually implemented and primarily in the most devastated areas where inhabitants suffered hunger, homeless and in dire needs.

Let us all pray that this GOOD NEWS will be enjoyed as soon as possible in order that debt is not a part of humanity all over the world.