Behind your name is the power of expression, of communication, of socializing and the charm that draws people to you.  Your word is your sword in countering any problem that comes into your life.  Artistic talents are your assets that definitely bring you to the top, to be in the center of fascination by the people enjoying your presence because of your witty and logical deliverance of your knowledge.  Friendship is very valuable to you, wherein you drained your time and effort for them aside from your money.

Your imagination is more on a romantic adventure, always in a joyful mood without caring for the future.  You are easily magnetized by the sweet and flowering promises of the opposite sex for you are also a poet as an artist.  You love dance and music, it is your way of life that makes you ever young.

Negativity clouds your reasoning, your humor, your beauty and charm.  Your concentration is generalized and nothing is emphasized, so you lose more.  In your usual personality, everything is easy, life is wonderful and you influenced the people around you with all the happiness you show.

Within your heart is the desire to acquire knowledge beyond the universe, the spiritual realm and you seek it alone or secretly.  There is the power of intuition that is knowing the inner thought of anyone you face and the idea of what one will do.

Most parts of your name make you a wanderer, a traveler, a happy-go-lucky one, intelligent and wise.  You love beauty, luxury, changes and you are lucky your name got it.  As changes are part of your life as well as in personality, even in your employment and relationship,  there will be no stability, there will be the tendency to transfer from one job to another and in relationship, there is seldom permanence.

Your goal is to have peaceful life, spiritually inclined and in solitude sometimes and you will achieve your wish.  You are practical and dedicated.

Your birthday makes you a psychic and intuitive and it is advantageous for you because you will have the idea on how your plan goes on.  Success is on your way, all the time, in all your original endeavor and in your career.  It is not in your favor if you just follow, you must be the leader, the thinker and your ideas must be pursued.

Your birthdate brings you fame, power and fortune.  You have an organizational knowledge that will put you to the highest potential of your career.  Huge transactions are in your favor and you will have the luxury coupled by your innate talents.

FINANCE –  financial abundance from your profession or  business dealings.

HEALTH   –  physically healthy, be cautious from too much work mentally.

JEWELS    –  diamond, sapphires

COLORS    –  gold, yellow

PINK          –  primary aura for general success

YELLOW   –  secondary aura for daily success