Re: “Computation To Know Your Wisdom Number In Your Name”

Wisdom is an inherent gift amassed that you can use for your lifetime, and  your name features the kind of wisdom you are specialized.

Wisdom number  1  –  will and courage are the basic qualities.  You have the will and courage to survive every difficulty that comes your way.   You have the ability to renew the old system for the best not only for yourself but also for some other people.  You have the power to face challenges of new ventures because of your originality.  Just be considerate in dealing with others who are less capable than you for your own happiness and peace.

Wisdom number 2  –  cooperation is the key to success and joy.  You have the capacity to partake of your love and knowledge to all mankind.  You are the best partner and assistant for you have the ability to balance any untoward situation within your family and community.  Your highly intuitive sense works unnoticed for a peaceful solution of a delicate problem synchronized by your humor for the amazement of the people who know you.  Goodwill, understanding and sympathy are your qualities admired by everyone.

Wisdom number 3  –  positive mindset.  You look forward through positivity in all your undertaking.  You want enjoyment in life, and socializing is your way of showing life is wonderful, mingling with friends and associates, sharing intellectual ideas for the betterment of many.  You make yourself available to the group, offering knowledge they need which they appreciated.  You are full of positive pictures of the now and the future, however, after that , you don’t care what will be will be.

Wisdom number 4  –  security in life.  You build for the future, you are the foundation relied upon.  Your determination, practicality, reliability and honesty in all you do, resulted to a successful realization of your plan or concept.  You think of the future.  The lack of financial security imbalanced, irritate and worry you.

Wisdom number 5  –  keenness of thought.  Communication is the spice of your life, you have a very clear mind and you share it to others.  Words naturally flow from you just like water falling down from the fountain, words full of ideas, methods, knowledge and wisdom.

Wisdom number 6  –  open-mindedness.  Your love to humanity brings you understanding and tolerance.  You accept whoever, whatever and wherever they are.  You think, they are your responsibility that you give your time, effort and money to help those who are in dire need.

Wisdom number 7  –  visualization.  The power of visualization or intuition is your most inherent quality.  You can determine the thought of others, can feel extraordinary energy around, and can analyze the actions you see and can confront courageously anyone who think negative ways.

Wisdom number 8  –  the gift of strength.  You have the staying power to reach your goal.  The endurance brings by your name, is your tool to gain access in the fulfillment of your dream and it  blanketed you in any blockage you will encounter.

Wisdom number 9  –  self-awareness.  You are given the leeway which road you will take and you know what is good or not.  You have the choice, surely the welfare of mankind is  in your heart.  Compassion draws people to you and self-awareness guides you whom to give your attention.