A father was very worried while whispering to me to help him for his newly born baby girl. 15-day old who was full of blood.  The baby was with her mother in the province and will be brought to the city for medication.  According to the father, the baby was full of blood while crying, meaning the baby’s tears were blood.

I thought of the gemstones.  Fortunately, I have in my possession  several kinds of them.  I tied three kinds, the SODALITE, HEMATITE and BLOODSTONE one each of its kind.  I told the father that let the baby hold the gemstones when crying and pin them on clothes when not.

The three stones aid in stopping the bleeding of the blood, good for blood circulation, for high blood pressure and other sickness pertaining to blood.

The baby was sent to hospital for check-up and medications.  Few days after, I asked the father how was the baby and he said that one eye was not bleeding anymore and the other eye tears few blood.

The other day, February 27, the father told us, his baby was healed already.

It is best that while taking medication, it is aided by natural cure like stones that just touches the skin for they possess strong healing energy.