Man has to work for a living, to buy what he wants, to spend for education, clothing, shelter and wellness. The head of the family is obliged to earn a living for his family while the wife takes good care of the children.  Time changes the circumstances that a wife has to help the husband financially for the growing members of the family.  Many instances, a single mother is a working mother for her children.  Young as well as educated children work to assist the parent.

Many decades before, jobs were available to the seekers, you had the privilege to choose where to work, you enjoyed many benefits and you had the security for employment until retirement age but now you are compelled to labor even not to your liking for the sake of income direly needed for your daily provision and the tenure is limited for months only and to be rehired again to avoid paying just compensation for the length of services.  Before, you could had the position without so many requirements unlike today, you have to spend much to complete all the necessary documents for employment.  The implemented system creates disloyalty and less dedication to the job because your mind is busy thinking where to get a job after this short period of employment, an employment with minimum wage.

At the time, you find a means of income generating job or business providing sufficiency or abundance, you give all your time and effort  needed without complaint for you are inspired and enjoying performing it.  You easily influenced people to do the same and you will notice that more are joining and  a happy community is created with unity and cooperation.  The masses are energized for the just compensation they will all receive.