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Be grateful for the opportunity of meeting someone whom you develop closeness in your first encounter. Your soul might be his mate he is seeking throughout his journey in this lifetime. He could be a best friend you long to have. It randomly happens not planned.

Discover The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Name

July 28, 2012

Your name and birthdate contain numbers where its hidden meaning can be revealed by a calculation method called Numerology.

This personalized life reading can give you advanced knowledge of your future, guides what career is suitable for you,  compatibility in love and other kind of relationship,   health, financial status, and any information you would want to know.

Below are examples of reading for compatibility of a person with you or on a specific situation or job.

  • [your-name] and [your-friend], Are we compatible?
  • [your-name] and [your-friend], Are we compatible in terms of [insert-situation-here]
  • I’m looking to hire this person [insert-person-name] as [indicate-job], will he/she perfect for the job?

This numerology reading can give insight about the person’s attitude, strength, weaknesses and inner desires.

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