My sister was cleaning portion of their tiled floor when suddenly she slipped to the wet floor.  She tried to balance her body and find something to hold to but she slid straight down  with a big bang.  Consciously, she upped herself for no one noticed the incident.

She called me right away trembling with nervousness, while her son treated her with ice in her back head.  I advised her to calm down and relax saying her head is protected by skull; aside from ice, collection of gemstones I gave to her be placed to the back of her head to aid the natural flow of blood and avoid clotting, and take mefenamic acid every six hours for pain and inflammatory.  I told her to seek the help of her Guardian Angels and Spirits Guides to help heal her and her brain will not be affected and chant continuously “Violet flame heal me”.

Today, her body pain slightly ease and her head is okay.

THANK YOU GOD and to your Guiding Spirits and Angels and to the Healing Rainbow Light!  My sister was spared from costly hospital bill.