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Everyone Has Blessings
Guided By Your Guardian Angels
Thank You God For Saving My Sister

  My sister was cleaning portion of their tiled floor when suddenly she slipped to the wet floor.  She tried to balance her body and find something to hold to but she slid straight down  with a big bang.  Consciously, […]

Astonishing Innuendo By A Guardian Angel
Guardian Angels Are Always On Our Side

A supposed buyer gave order list of valuable items to my sister. He requested to see for scrutiny the two most valuable items, upon touching them, he criticized that the contents were lacking. My sister replied that how come they […]

Spirits Assist Solving My Financial Needs

So many big financial obligations I have this year ending 2012. I seek the help of the light and loving Spirits. I know and I feel their presence and I am confident they will and are eager to assist me […]