A supposed buyer gave order list of valuable items to my sister. He requested to see for scrutiny the two most valuable items, upon touching them, he criticized that the contents were lacking. My sister replied that how come they were lacking the boxes are closed. Next he demanded that the boxes be tied which was turned down by my sister replying the orders should be placed in a box. She put them farther away on the counter. As they were preparing for the other orders, suddenly the buyer snatched away the two boxes, put on his motorcycle and planned to get away. Fortunately, he got the attention of my brother-in-law and questioned him whether they were paid already because he was thinking why does the motorcycle remained on since the arrival at the store. The man got uneasy and prepared to run away, however, his motorcycle got off and the two boxes fell on the ground. The witnesses told him what happened but he got away leaving the fallen boxes.

My sister instantly got the boxes and cleaned them. So amazing!! The GUARDIAN ANGELS of my sisters who are requested to always protect, help and guide them did the MAGIC and the most important was, no one was hurt from the incident.