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You cannot extend that care and love you want to share in the absence of self love and care.

The Twilight

July 7, 2017 General , , , , ,


A magnificent Sunset is an extraordinary background that seldom comes as an opportunity when most of your life is spent in a busy city far away from the natural beauty where you could witness the stillness of the calm and clear water.

When your shadow is part of the majestic view, a feeling of pride is overwhelming. You have to feel the sunset’s embrace, her warm touch in your whole being regenerating all your cells to rejuvenate into youth and enjoy energetic stamina, emotional stability, normal heart function to dissolve the feeling of restlessness and gives space for Love and Compassion, love that is unconditional, unwavering, infinite; love that is shining through that soften anyones stoned-heart to forgive; love that infiltrates the darkest corner to shine again and love that unites everyone to achieve PEACE and JOY forever.

Goodbye beautiful Twilight. See you for your Dawning tomorrow.

What a pleasant experience to view the fabulous sun setting at the Horizon.