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It needs courage to do a thing not of your field but is necessary to be fixed instantly to avoid more incidental occurrence.
Relaxation And Sound Sleep

The sound produced by the Tibetan singing bowl restores your energy as you listen comfortably to the healing frequencies with the accompaniment of the drums.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Frequencies Alleviate Stress, Pain

Listening often to musical healing sound from Tibetan singing bowl which generates various frequencies could dissolve stress disorders, depression, pains or other dis-eases.

Sincere Love Of Justice

You have a sincere love of justicewith the desire to create harmony,detest bloodshed, war or enmityin all its form unless necessary.

Accessible Traveller’s Inn To Boracay Island

A place to hang-out while having a short visit to relatives or friends and exploring the beauty of the sea nearby.

Ang Paglubog At Pagsikat Ng Araw

Tunay na biyaya ang iyong matunghayan, ang kapayapaan iyong mararamdaman sa pagtunghay sa malawak at bughaw na kalawakan ng langit at karagatan.

A Short Visit

An afternoon to the beach.