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You cannot extend that care and love you want to share in the absence of self love and care.
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! Wish you all a prosperous, joyful and peaceful New Year and the whole year 2013. elflora

Spirits Assist Solving My Financial Needs

So many big financial obligations I have this year ending 2012. I seek the help of the light and loving Spirits. I know and I feel their presence and I am confident they will and are eager to assist me […]

Christmas Gifts Given and Received

The following gifts given by elflora were: 1. calendar 2. T-shirt 3. umbrella 4. bag 5. candies 6. biscuits 7. cash The following gifts received by elflora were: 1. calendar 2. kitchen ware 3. t-shirt 4. umbrella 5. bag 6. […]

The Spirit Of Christmas

Christmas songs uplift the spirits of all this yuletide season.  They energized everybody hearing the high-spirited songs, some dance coinciding to the tune, singing along with smile in their faces and even those low-spirited individuals because of lack activate their […]

You Are Blessed By God

You are blessed by God, your home is Blessed, your family is Blessed, your finances are Blessed. The battle is the Lord’s. God fights your battle. “THEN SHALT THOU LAY UP GOLD AS DUST, AND THE GOLD OF OPHIR AS […]

Personal Prophetic Scroll