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Memories raising your vibration to joy are worth saving in the library of thought but memories lowering energies must completely be disposed.
Personal Prophetic Scroll
December 21, 2012 – The Transition of Mother Earth To Its Golden Age

Welcome to The NEW EARTH in reaching its GOLDEN AGE!  Today is the most important date of our Mother Earth.  She ascends itself to its higher consciousness together with all its inhabitants, humans, animals, trees, and all living creations and […]

Joy In Receiving The Surprise Gift

Gifts from me, my daughters and son were given to my sisters, her husband and two sons in envelopes, wrapped boxes and unwrapped.  My youngest sister first opened her envelope given by my son.  She smiled and excitedly told me, […]

Season For Dear Ones This Christmas

Now everyone thinks what to share, what to offer to their dear, What will make them feel, receiving the gift carefully chosen. On the list of the gifts are for honey, darling or sweetheart, parents, brothers and sisters grandparents, uncles, […]

Free Reading: Stephen M.L.

Day of birth –  Gifted you the power and skill of communication emanating from mind continuously as if the well of knowledge, wisdom and understanding comes naturally; luck and chance in whatever deal you undertake; success in everything you endeavor […]

Free Reading: Janet G. M.

Your birthday 22 coincide with your destiny number 4 makes you  the foundation of all around you and everything you do.   Fairness, methods and loyalty are the marvelous tools you can use to achieve the material things you crave.  […]