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Believe in yourself, inside you, are the countless talents
which surely aid you to reach your goal.
Free Reading: Nervous Joan S.T.

Joan is suffering of out of her mind that has been a big problem to her family especially of course to her mother.  She had been sent to different places for her medication and due to financial needs, her mother […]

Free Reading: Strong-willed MJ Medina

Mj, you take everything from a firm, logical, and lasting foundation.  You have the idea of details successfully, perseverance and will earn just rewards, prefer to stay in one place if adjusted to it, will always working patiently. You have […]

Experienced Reiki Healing

My son brought me to a reiki master in an intention to alleviate the symptoms of aging, such as high blood, cough and vertigo.  Beforehand, my two daughters tried me a distant reiki healing through the internet, however, I could […]

Free Reading: Mirasol B. M.

You are a master builder, a foundation to rely on by your family and friend, a workaholic, a principled one that what you want, you do and no one can hinder it.  You are systematic, orderly, you get irritated if […]

Life In The Island, I called Home
Harana – A Filipino Serenade