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Personalized Compatibility Reading with Numerology

February 22, 2015

Personalize Compatibility Reading with Numerology

Your name and birth date contain numbers where its hidden meaning can be revealed by a calculation method called Numerology.

This personalized compatibility reading can offer guidance on what career is suitable for you, compatibility in love and other kind of relationship, health, financial status, and any information you would want to know.

Below are sample questions for a compatibility reading with a person  or on a specific situation or job:

  • [your-name] and [your-friend], Are we compatible?
  • [your-name] and [your-friend], Are we compatible in terms of [insert-situation-here]?
  • I’m looking to hire this person [insert-person-name] as [indicate-job], will he/she be perfect for the job?

Below are sample general numerology readings based  on a person’s name and date of birth:

For $5, you will get…

  • Personalized compatibility reading using numerology
  • Ask up to 3 questions
  • Delivery within 5 days (or faster, depends on my schedule)

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